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Victorian vagabonds Thy Last Drop rock the stage with their vintage punk music for devil ears.


They are a 1940s style jive/swing band playing a fabulous concoction of tunes some classic, some original and some borrowed from another decade and give the jivebombers' magic treatment. Four singers, drums, double bass and piano. 


Dubtone is a live music project playing ambient, dub, techno and drum and bass. Our philosophy is celebration of freedom.....


There’s a storm a brewin’…. And navigating it haphazardly towards a rainbow on the crest of a honey whisky wave is Falmouth’s very own ‘Pirate Joe’. A one man band and a rarity in artistry these days, Joe is the epitome of a musical alchemist, connecting with his audience as a conductor would an orchestra, or a Captain and his loyal crew. An old soul on young shoulders, blessed with the ‘spirit of the blues’ and a voice to match, Joe is a Jack Sparrow among us, a whirlwind of creative energy, and blue is one colour you certainly won’t be feeling after a personal interaction as part of his crew.

Highly infectious Electro-Swing meets Breakbeat to please the dancers, the thinkers, the sober and the drinkers! Swingers are a unique and atmospheric party band for Festivals, High-Powered Corporate Throw-Downs, Top Secret After Parties and just about any celebration you can think of. The Show mixes Classic Swing, Current Hits, Comedy, Characters, Dancers, Spectacular Lighting, Projected Visuals and Irresistible Dance Beats.


Lunatrix take the acoustic elements of the past and combine them with electro-swing, live drums and electric guitars into a fusion of past and contemporary.
With influences ranging from Reggae and Jazz through to Drum n Bass and Techno, each member brings their own unique flavour and talent to the mix. Combining continental brass, blistering guitars and powerful vocals, the Lunatrix sound is crafted to make people dance, lose their inhibitions and be inspired.


One quick spin of The Raw In Abundance – the debut album from Bury St Edmunds-based hip-hop collective Scare The Normals – is enough to know that this is not an outfit concerned with proving anything to anyone.  And whilst The Raw In Abundancedrips with a love of hip-hop culture, it also oozes a very British affection for the absurd, the ridiculous, the everyday, the mundane, and the power of a self-evident, heartfelt truth.


The six-piece band Opaque are an eclectic and genre-defying act who fuse elements of folk, swing and gypsy into their impassioned and engaging performances. Originally formed in 2000 in Peterborough, UK, their originality and flair has earned them both national and international acclaim. Their shows across Europe included support slots for Biffy Clyro, Kasabian and the Kooks, and garnered wide ranging admiration for the band from musicians and fans alike.


Rough and ready, it real music from real folk. The Barleet Hooks take you a music story through experiences in life, a cool and throroughly enjoyable sound.



Meet a bunch of classically trained washboard & kazoo players, once described eloquently as, 'Hillbillies with mobile phones'. Hailing from the green hills and valleys of 'Lawrence county' ... some say, these folks have spent too long in the woods drinking moonshine! Skiffle Show have been critically acclaimed for their live shows and in the music press for their debut EP 'Escape This Wicked Life'...


Heralding from Ghent, Belgium, the band is a dynamic and vibrant five-piece that combines live instrumentation with electronica, boasting a heavyweight 3-piece horn section, soaring guitar melodies and a rapid-fire MC. They are well established on Belgium's live music scene, having made appearances at festivals such as Afro C, Gentse Feesten, Copacobano, Fiesta Solar, and Zaradi Tebe, as well as having shared stages with the likes of Asian Dub Foundation and Mad Professor.


Lounge Cat Ideals were born in the midst of a biting Bristolian winter, when a rag tag kindle of kittens huddled round a wood fire and began making their first primitive sounds to keep their tiny paws from shivering. Taking heed from the uptempo gypsy rhythm heard beneath the crackles on Papa’s gramophone, the band grew to create their own sound, weaving strands of 20’s swing with a thread of stomping blues.
Now a fully formed 7 piece ensemble, with riotous clarinet lines and entwined vocal harmonies augmenting the driving skanks of twin guitars, the band strive to maintain the energetic pace that keeps everyone dancing.


Formed in September of 2014 The Filthy Spectacula are four experienced musical vagabonds. Hailing from such exotic locales as the frozen wilderness of northwestern Canada, Aberystwyth, Oxford and Watford, we inspire our audiences to whirl like dervishes and dance like Cossacks.  


Das Fenster discovered Rock’n’Roll in a Belfast bar one night, and all thoughts of joining the priesthood went out the window for good. Instead he turned to drinking, womanising, and a fascination with Voodoo. Some men choose to leave their hometown, seeking pastures new; some are smuggled out in the dead of night. Das Fenster had to take the latter route, landing in Liverpool with only a guitar, a mysterious wooden box, and the clothes he stood up in. A chance meeting with an old acquaintance saw him boarding a plane for a ‘job interview’ in Hamburg, with false documents and a hastily scribbled telephone number. 


This acoustic London-based folk-punk cabaret trio led by Nigel Burch, ("The Troubadour Of Urban Angst"), deliver dark and gritty, bittersweet ditties with wit and a vitriolic fervour. The Guardian calls the music "a cross between Ian Dury, Brecht and Weill, an Irish pub band and a 1950's skiffle group. Songs of urban-alienation with plenty of fierce spontaneous playing."


Aartwork are a celtic fusion band from Suffolk, playing mainly original tunes composed by Hebridean-born Art. Aartwork morphed out of the ceilidh band Workhouse and their tunes create a lively, feel-good atmosphere. Aartwork play parties, festivals, ceilidhs and pubs.

Skip Finn is a folk blues musician from Manchester,using fingerstyle/ bottleneck guitar, harmonica & vocals. a writer of ballads and protest songs


Hokum blues & ragtime as performed by the street musicians and jugbands of America’s deep south in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
The Delta Beltas are based in Suffolk and perform at blues clubs, festivals, pubs and other music venues in this area and wherever the music takes us.

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23rd - 25th August 2024 - Norfolk

 Hill Farm, Dereham NR19 2NR

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