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Tallulah Goodtimes is the alter-ego of International spin sister SophieDJ. Tallulah Goodtimes was the result of a dancefloor fling at the Bestival Spiegeltent Club Dada soirees, listening to the sounds of DJ Tofu, and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer. Struck by the sheer joy, and distinction of the Electroswing sound, the drama, and the costume, Tallulah Goodtimes burst through the dusky shadows.


Bouncy electro from Norfolk! 


Playing big Electro Swing beats, established East Anglian Dj Vesna Ernst from the cavern sessions in norwich will be coming back to Maui Waui with a large and loud compilation.


DJ YES has an extensive music collection, offering beats and breaks from around the world, mixing a variety of genres, including Breakbeat, Balkan, Electro Swing, Drum & Bass, Latin and Funk. creating an alternative, uplifting, dance floor experience that ventures beyond the mainstream.

Since 2009, the top hat's trio has continuously been gaining attention, doing gigs on french, english, belgian, scottish or swiss stages. A first EP (Show Breaks) released in january 2010, an album (Morphism) in november 2011, some tracks on free download, the formation never stops searching and crosses over the different genres. Hip-hop, big beat, jazz, swing, bass music or dubstep, on cd as on stage, every track flows to the next one but never sounds like another. Electronic attacks, caustic scratches, groove is more than omnipresent : contagious. And that is the hallmark of the band, to cover their tracks throughout the rich and unexpected pieces! A striking and fascinating world that grabs you with oddity and pleasure.


LordJustice brings to you the finest in British Electro-Swing. Old fashioned as he is, he mixes everything per hand, providing a 1920s retrospective spanning everything with a jive, a groove or a swing to it. Obscure samples and cinematic breaks is what sets LordJustice apart from the rest, this vinyl archaeologist is someone definitely not to be missed.


Spacehopper have been performing live dance music at parties, festivals and raves since 1990. We play 2 different styles : Ambient / Up-Beat Electronic Dub and Acid-Tinged Techno - Psy / Retro Goa-Trance. Chris uses synthesisers, computers and machines to produce the live sound while Paul plays percussion. 
There are often appearances from guest musicians and MC’s.


From a life of ducking and diving Electric Spivs formed at the beginning of 2013 and are based between Leamington Spa and rural Suffolk. Inspired by experiences such as busking Django tunes, lighting circuses, stilt walking and driving trucks and free party rigs around Europe, the band have an eclectic range of influences. Mixing heavy electronic sub with live funk bass lines, acid synths and punk guitars, Electric Spivs make original party music to put a smile on your face.

Norfolk based electroswing record label, mixing the best pounding electro with those early classic samples, defintely a set not to be missed. 

Chris Tofu

Chris Tofu , is a maverick Dj out of East London. Dj’ing since 1995, from enormous stages to street corners, across the world. Started Dj’ing almost in reaction to the insanely obsessive DJ culture around early Techno and Drum and Bass, He just felt that DJ’ing was as much about “vibe” and talking to an audience as endless technical skills. For Tofu if youre not “inside” the tune don’t play it. Tofu has two lives, as a programmer of 1000s of bands and nights, some legendary clubs and festival stages and occasionally whole festivals, providing Tofu with the canvas to try all this crazy new remixed music’s, making people dance in front of the barrier to new and unusual sounds is the main Tofu goal


Ben Osborne is a writer, DJ, curator and driving force behind the Noise of Art, a collective which marries electronic music with the performing arts, film and other visual media” (read interview in M Magazine). He is also a musician and broadcaster and appears internationally. He currently has two London residencies.


Driven by music and powered by positive energy electro-swing and balkan beats dj and his fire red bike trailer sound system Hackney/London


TReen deliver an irresistible electronic melange of heavy bass business, dancefloor rhythms and shoplifted samples laced with acid squelches, dubby goodness and vintage jungle flourescence. m8 do they ever live side chain compress? Yes. Yes they do.

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23rd - 25th August 2024 - Norfolk

 Hill Farm, Dereham NR19 2NR

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