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The Pirates Ball Returns for 2022!

We are delighted to announce the legendary "Pirates Ball" will be gothing ahead this year after last years cancellation due to Covid restrictions.

It will be held at Peakhill Farm in Theberton (the original Suffolk site for the Maui Waui Festival).

Leave the stormy seas behind, fill your boots with treasure, your chests with gold and wear your finest masks! Head down to the woods me hearties.

We'll be drinking rum, making merriment, dancing and fooling till late!


Featuring  live bands Karl Phillips and the Rejects and Captain Flatcap. Sailing the new pirate ship we have DJ Captains Chris Liberator, Luke's Anger, Tropikhana, Bedwell, Gino and Temporal. As always there will be a selection of cabaret sideshows and circus acts, on stage and within the woods. 

The DJ stage is Maui Waui’s bespoke signature built wooden pirate ship with firing canons and a stunning sound system made from whiskey barrels. This is the new Pirate Ship Mk II, rebuilt after the original ship was exploded in 2020 in a pyrotechnic spectacular (See 2020 line up for a preview). 


Karl Phillips and the Rejects

A completely original mashup of ska, punk & grime with a hip-hop nod at luminaries like The Clash, The Specials & Mike Skinner. Karl's refreshingly honest lyrics test the boundaries of the human mind and the English etiquette, coming from a place most people can relate to but never dared to mention!




Captain Flatcap

Captain Flatcap is multi-genre, instrumental electronic dance band with influences of electro-swing, ska, funk, folk, and wields trumpet, flute, guitar, mandolin, keyboard and percussion and have supported and played with The Freestylers, A.Skillz, The Correspondents, Dutty Moonshine, Chris Tofu, Odjbox, The Electric Swing Circus, Too Many T’s, Father Funk and many more.



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