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Children are the heart and soul of good times, no one knows how to have a good time like kids do! Maui Waui has a huge kids area with trained staff and whole arena of activities. Not just for kids but family fun. The Kids area is contained so your little ones are safe and sound. 

Come join in with - Craft Activies like paper craft, clay modelling and cardboard creations. Story telling, Bouncy Castles, Archery! - Try your hand on our archery range. Pie in the face competitions, Drumming workshops and a big Samba band workshop. You can even have a go at the Aerial Silks! And not forgetting our star Pirate Ship disco! Shipwrecked and left with nothing to do but dad dance the day away! 

The Kids area is run by passionate and enthusiastic big kids, otherwise known as adults... With a whole host of workshops runnnig throughout the weekend - you can cook with 'Dance for your Dinner', Blow massive bubbles with the bubble king and beat your way around the festival in the samba band. Theres always something to do here thanks to our dedicated team!  

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