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 Maui Waui Stage

Maui Waui hosts a main stage at this years Bearded Theory Festival 

27 28 29 May 2016

This year we welcome the Maui Waui stage - Where brill lights dazzle and the circus show travels, Maui Waui is set to entertain you from start to finish with a full compliment of live electro swing, gypsy swing, Ska funk, Folk and Dance, all topped with street performance, circus and a whole 'Lotta Swing'. Get yourself in the mood for Maui music showdown! 



The ESC’s sound is a powerful combination of vintage samples, electro beats, gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, keys, live drums and dirty synths. Fronted by an engaging female double-act, who perform an extensive variety of vocal styles, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show.


Tallulah Goodtimes is the alter-ego of International spin sister SophieDJ. Tallulah Goodtimes was the result of a dancefloor fling at the Bestival Spiegeltent Club Dada soirees, listening to the sounds of DJ Tofu, and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer. Struck by the sheer joy, and distinction of the Electroswing sound, the drama, and the costume, Tallulah Goodtimes burst through the dusky shadows.


The Mighty RuMJiG are a fearlessly funky outfit playing stages around the UK to combat bitterness, blues and boredom.  This bands soul intention is to uplift and ignite peoples lust for life.Rumjig blends genres including folk, dub, drum and bass, swing, jazz, skanking reggae, blues, Latino and many more.


Lounge Cat Ideals were born in the midst of a biting Bristolian winter, when a rag tag kindle of kittens huddled round a wood fire and began making their first primitive sounds to keep their tiny paws from shivering. Taking heed from the uptempo gypsy rhythms heard beneath the crackles on Papa’s gramophone, the band grew to create their own sound, weaving strands of 20’s swing with a thread of stomping blues.


JamTidy are a 6-piece band playing a lively and eclectic mix of genres - fusing gypsy swing with reggae vibes and hip hop lyrics.


Band of Fools are a collective of eight charasmatic  musicians with eclectic musical backgrounds .Based in North Essex / Suffolk Borders, they have become firm favourites on the East Anglian festival circuit. Blending gypsy, Klezmer,and Balkan Folk with shades of swing and jazz the Band of fools take you on a journey from melodious vocal and musical arrangements to fast frenetic cacophanies  a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Brothers, Ric and Rob Harrison, folk rock, reggae, blues, earthy didgeridoo, all sorts of musical shenanigans.


Formed in September of 2014 The Filthy Spectacula are four experienced musical vagabonds. Hailing from such exotic locales as the frozen wilderness of northwestern Canada, Aberystwyth, Oxford and Watford, we inspire our audiences to whirl like dervishes and dance like Cossacks.  


Straight from the dusty depths of the glitterly Maui Waui record bag we bring you a superb selection of feel good music to kick start your day proper! 



Renowned for their explosive live shows, smerins anti-social club have long been firing up festival crowds and gig-goers throughout the uk. The 10 piece line-up use the raw ingredients of ska, funk, dub, drum’n'bass and swing to full effect in their epic, brass-heavy instrumentals. Regular guest vocalists, including sassy aussie songstress Nuala Honan, and special guest vocalists such as Dub Dadda and Tenor Fly are bringing new dimensions to the band but their sound still ripples with the unmistakeable energy, colour and humour that has always defined their not be missed performances.


Causing a scene amongst the UK’s hottest underground clubs and festivals, their ‘no holds barred, take no prisoners’ attitude has been relentlessly smothered over unsuspecting audiences all across Europe. Not afraid to go off the rails with tune selection you can guarantee these reprobates will hunt down and deliver dance-floor fillers and swung-out bombs for an all out infectiously pumping set that’ll have the whole discotheque bouncing


Fast dance influenced folk band from norwich, Jonny Wyatt-Voclas and Fiddle, Roan Beckly-Drums, Dave Biddle-Voclas and Guitar. If you dont know who these guys are - you obviously 'aint from round ere!'

Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos

Traditional eastern / western european folk melodies, reggae and ska rhythms, death defying scuzz punk


Mista Beat blends rythmical tribal folk guitar and jump about swing to create a full on sound to make anyone get up and dance. 


Victorian vagabonds, Thy Last Drop creep out a centry gone by with their murderous gypsy music ! 




Gypsy Hill play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, Gypsy Hill effortlessly mix the traditional with a uniquely modern sound. Producers DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert have taken the project from studio to stage, gradually growing the band and honing their high-energy live hows. 


With afro funk horns, dub reggae rhythms, melodic hooks and conscious rap, King Porter Stomp fuse musical genres creating their own refreshingly unique sound. The UK 8 piece write collectively, uniting ideas and crafting music unlike any you will have heard before. With universal appeal and new recordings for 2015, King Porter Stomp are inspirational players with a vibrant and energetic live show that leaves audiences entertained, enlivened and enlightened!


Solana are an instrumental gypsy-folk band. Hailing from all corners of Europe, their style reflects the diversity of their backgrounds and interests: their sound encompasses folk, swing, klezmer, flamenco, latin, reggae and trip-hop. Their live shows combine intricate arrangements with energetic performances and healthy doses of improvisation, and have been getting crowds dancing across the UK, France and Spain since their formation in late 2012. 


Murphy's Lore are one of the UK’s most established independent folk rock bands and have played extensively across the UK and Europe over the last decade. Their material often strays across genres as diverse as folk, rockabilly, country, blues, and ska, but always retains the distinctive Murphy’s Lore feel and sound. Their energetic live performances inevitably produce colourful and highly spirited events that lift their audiences and leave them wanting more. 


They may be considered Bristol's newcomers, but having shared stages with the likes of: The Skints, Gentleman's Dub Club, Scroobius Pip and Akala, Regime have quickly earned their stripes alongside some of the U.K's finest acts. Tackling issues such as drug abuse, arms dealing and government oppression, Regime speak directly to the hearts and minds of free thinking people. Social and political commentaries are blended seamlessly with hip hop, reggae and rock to make audiences jump, laugh and think. 


Straight from the dusty depths of the glitterly Maui Waui record bag we bring you a superb selection of feel good music to kick start your day proper! 

The Purple Lights distinctively catchy sound formed under the summers sun of 2013, entices a dance able journey through a range of genres including Rock, Reggae and Punk with Psychedelic twists and turns as you are lured in. The duo have been intriguing audiences across the country with their immense layers of sounds, all performed live with skillful use of loops and a wide range of effects. Purple Lights catchy rhythms and powerful sounds often leave crowds astonished with the outcome through just two on stage.


The Willing Gales are a new band from Brighton that span a couple of genres, taking in Gypsy-esque punk, Swing, Folk, and Big Anthemic arrangements of the likes of Arcade Fire or Beirut.


Straight from the dusty depths of the glitterly Maui Waui record bag we bring you a superb selection of feel good music to kick start your day proper! 

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23rd - 25th August 2024 - Norfolk

 Hill Farm, Dereham NR19 2NR

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