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The 'inspired by' series... at Thorington Theatre
 Special live music events in June at Thorington Theatre Suffolk IP17 3RB

In the two years that it took to build Thorington Theatre, I pretty much burnt out the speakers playing some of my all-time favourite artists and decided to host some special events 'inspired by' some of these amazing musicians and come and have them perform at this outdoor theatre. I am a huge believer in the power of music to compliment, transform and change your direction, mood and decisions. The right soundtrack enables so much inspiration and creativity. I hope you come and experience these amazing musicians at an incredibly special and memorable location.


It gives me so much pleasure to have the incredible Alabama 3 Acoustic coming to perform here on the 5th June for the very first in this series of 'inspired by' events at this wonderful wooden amphitheatre created within a WWII bomb crater at Thorington, Suffolk.

The Alabama 3's 'Last Train to Mashville Vol.2' album is one of my favourite all-time albums. So many pieces of wood were crafted, placed, broken and burnt to this soundtrack.

On 12th June we will have Jon Gomm who has to be one of the most inspiring artists around. I was completely captivated by his music from the moment I first heard it. You cannot believe the sounds he gets from the humble guitar, and composed perfectly. 


I am so excited about this gig! Jon is one of my musical heros. You may not have heard of him before but that's all the more reason for coming, you are in for a real treat!

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23rd - 25th August 2024 - Norfolk

 Hill Farm, Dereham NR19 2NR

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